Is the Government involved with AYATI?

Yes. The centre is to be built on land belonging to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, which is a state university. The services will be provided free of charge by professionals attached to the university.

Who is funding the project?

Funding for construction and maintenance of the Centre will be provided by the Private Sector.

How can I help?

You can be a volunteer at the Centre when it starts functioning, or help us to raise funds.

When will the Centre start operations?

We expect the Centre to be operational by 2018

Can I join Friends of AYATI?

Yes, you may become a volunteer. When the Centre is ready to become operational, we will be calling for volunteers to join a group known as the Friends of Ayati

I have a child with a disability. How can Ayati help?

You and your child can visit the Centre once it starts functioning, and seek advice from professionals.

Do you give money to families having disabled children?


Are the services going to be free of charge?


Do you provide accommodation for children and caregivers?


Is it a residential facility or only a clinic?

We don’t have a residential facility. We run clinics with daily therapy sessions and provide guidance to parents.